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Manual Payment

Manual Payment actually supports any method of payment at the counter (Or rather than Pay By App) which includes cash, card or QR pay. The cashier has full control of the process and can manually overwrite the amounts in some extents. For instance, a cashier can add Tip over the bill or add Discount Coupons to reduce the bill. 

All these incidents will be registered and remain clearly visible to the customer (under the bill) and also manager or account managers as well as admins. Nevertheless, you need to have a well-trained trusted cashier to work with such a system.

Like most modules in Menumiz, there are two ways of access to Manual Payment, Table Based or General. 

Table Based

Go to Dashboard > Management > Floor and QR Management and click on the Table you wish to proceed with payment. 

On the top, click on Manual Payment and you will see the table related current payment.

NOTE: You won't see anything under manual payment as long as the customer has not opted for cash or card payment. Also, if this is a Dutch Treat, you will see all customers here under one table.

Under Manual Payment, you will see the customer profile picture and name, total bill amount and order type ( dine in or Takeaway ) and serving ID. 

NOTE: Any order under a mounted device or submitted by a waiter ( for customers not using their own smartphones), will appear here similar to normal order. Just the name of the customer will be restaurant staff or mounted device.

Details &  Printing option

Before proceeding the payment, you can see the bill by clicking on DETAILS. If you wish to print the receipt upon processing the payment, tick the checkbox " Print Receipt

NOTE: You need to have a cloud printer configured for the system. Click here to learn more about cloud printing in Menumiz.

To Proceed with the payment, please click PROCEED and follow the below steps:

Step 1:

Add Tips (If the customer wishes to pay tip) or enter any Discount Coupons. Click APPLY to add tips or discount coupons to the bill.

NOTE: Sometimes restaurants use Discount Coupons to adjust mistakes in bills or even give 100% discount to make a bill zero in case that customer is not supposed to pay, but for the sake of the accounting, they need to issue a bill ( e.g. in a party ).

Step 2: ( Card Payment )

If this is a card payment, process the payment by EFTPOS terminal and add last four digits of the card, expiration date and card type here. You need also to key in the approval code manually.


Step 3:( Cash Payment)

If this is a cash payment, key in the Tendered Amount, then choose the Cash Drawer you are depositing money into. 

NOTE: You may have virtual cash drawers for different accounting purposes. ( e.g. assigning different staff to different cash drawers in the system while technical you have one cash drawer only. Or if you assign a virtual cash drawer for QR payments).

Remember, that you will be able to trace and see all cash transactions record under cash balance and cash operation modules.


Upon proceeding the payment, the customer will receive a notification of successful payment and also, will have access to the bill under order history in the app as well as will receive the bill by Email

NOTE: Under Manual Payment, the cashier has access to all previous payment records ( card or Cash only ) for previous customers who used the same table. He or she can see or print past bills, search among the orders, bills and customers.


Go to Dashboard > Management > Billing > Manual Payment .

In the general Manual Payment, you will see all the customers who wish to pay at the counter regardless of which table they are using. This is overall monitoring for cash or card payments in the restaurant. 

To process a payment, just click PROCEED, all steps are similar to a Table Based Manual Payment.

NOTE: You can see the record for ALL PREVIOUS CUSTOMERS card or cash payment history here under PREVIOUS GUESTS.

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