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Extra Features

Floor Layout and QR management is integrated with the customer service and billing modules. Tables on floor view, display the following information:

  • Table number
  • Requests  ( if a customer has any request, an orange warning will appear)
  • Number of guests at the table

From the floor, by clicking any table, beside table setting and QR management (which needs high privileges to access and change them), you will see some handy options as follow:

1: Manual Payment

Once a customer proceeds with cash or card payment at the counter, then customer service or cashier can process the payment under manual payment by clicking on the related table ( in floor view) and going to Manual Payment option in the top menu. 

To see the order details click on Details. An online bill will be displayed. Cashier can process payment by Card, Cash and also he or she can use a discount coupon manually for the customer. 

To learn more about Manual Payments, Please read the article on Manual Payment

2: Customers' Requests

In case the customer(s) at the table, need any assistance, they have the option to send a request directly to you by selecting from a few default options (e.g. Need some water, need tissue, please clear the table... ) or write their own message.

Customer's requests will appear in Floor and in Customers' Requests module accessible by Customer service staff and Water/Waitress simultaneously. To learn more about customer's request, Please read the article on Customers' request.

NOTE: From the floor, customer's request only displays each table's related request whereas Customer's request module shows all the tables requests in one place.

3: Customers

For each table, you can see the current customers (Guests) and history of previous customers (Guests). The information displayed includes the following:

  • Customer's profile picture
  • Customer's name (as per their profile)
  • Table Number 
  • Serving ID
  • Number of guests at the table
  • Dine in or Takeaway order 
  • Dutch Treat or normal
  • Drinking permission
  • Date and Time ( session extension option)

NOTE: Serving ID refers to order number in Menumiz system.

For the current customers ( Guests), you can overwrite and change the following if needed:

  • Number of Guests ( if more people join the customer)
  • Drinking permission ( should you notice underaged)
  • Extending the session 

Also by clicking on serving ID, you will see the orders in details for each customer. To learn more about Customers module, please read the article on Customers in the customer service management module.

4: Clear Table

There are some situations that the system keeps a table status as " Taken " and does not let any new scans, but there are no customers at the table. It may happen when a customer scans and just leaves before any order and forgets to tap on EXIT tab in the app. Also, a customer may order but leaves before making a payment (Dine & Dash). In all these scenarios or similar cases, you can force the system to release the session and virtually clear the table manually. 

The Clear Table tab is under Table Settings

NOTE: This command does not clear the payment for the customer and he or she yet can make payment even if the table has been cleared manually.

IMPORTANT:  In case of a dine and dash, the app remains on payment due mode and the customer cannot have new scans unless to settle the outstanding. 

However, people may just delete the account and use a new sim card to register a new account.  Menumiz shall not bear any liability against such financial loss and technically is not able to help you retrieve your bill or provide you such customer's details. In rare cases, we may disclose customers' information to courts in Australia upon official request. Please refer to our terms & conditions and Privacy policy for more information.

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