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User Management

Menumiz gives you full control over user management by enabling an admin to create as many as user/staff required in different positions with specified level of access. Menumiz supports normal login  (ID, username and password) and as well as a quick QR login. You have options to disable QR login for a staff or not. (Default enabled)

NOTE: Currently QR login is not supported on smartphones and works only on a desktop computer having a scanner.

To create a new user/staff go to Dashboard > My Account > staff Management and click ADD NEW STAFF.

Enter the name for the staff, pick up an access level, give it a username and password and click ADD.

To Learn about the access levels in Menumiz, please read this article on User Types.

Should you wish to disable QR login for the staff, check the box "hide QR code from staff". 

Click Add.

You will see the list of all staff/users in your restaurant in this page and also you have options to edit, change access, suspend or block them as well as printing or resetting (updating) their login QR codes.

IMPORTANT: due to security reasons, the QR login is not available for the Super Admin in Menumiz.

PIN Reset Option

There are some user access levels which need a PIN code to access some restricted parts of a module. Admin can only reset this PIN for them under staff management.

To Reset the PIN, click on the lock icon (beside the QR icon) and reset the PIN.


QR code login is prone to security risks and enables login from any place just by scanning the QR code. We do not recommend enabling this feature for the sensitive positions (e.g. account manager) who have access to your financial data whereas a quick login is not a point for them.  QR login is useful for quick switch between a checker and maker user or a manager in a busy restaurant. We recommend updating the QR logins on a daily basis and resetting them every night before closing the restaurant. Menumiz shall not undertake any responsibility of any damage or loss result of QR code login abuses.  

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