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Restaurant Account

Your restaurant account (business account) is your business profile consisting of information you have provided upon registering an account with Menumiz for your restaurant or bar before.

To start, go to Dashboard > My Account > Restaurant Account, Under Account, you have the following options:

1: Editing all information except the below:

  • Company Registration Number
  • Tax related Number
  • Username
  • Registered Email

We assume the above-mentioned information remain fixed and never changed during business. 

NOTE: Once you finished editing, click UPDATE to save changes. It requires Email and SMS pin verification for security reasons. 

2: See the ACCESS LOGS for the logins to your account.

To see the login history,  scroll the page down, click on the blue text at the right down corner "Access Log ".

3: Changing the  PASSWORD 

NOTE: You can change your super admin password here and as well as under Staff Management module. 

 4: TERMINATE your account

You are able to terminate your Menumiz business account here. We are not happy should it happen, but to respect your decision, we have added this option under this section. Remember that by terminating the account, some part of your data will remain on servers and never removed. ( e.g. issued bills, transaction records which your customers are involved as a third party)

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