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Subscription and billing

You can see any invoice related to Menumiz service under subscription and billing. Check it out at  Dashboard > My Account > Subscription and Billing. You will have the following options in this section:

  • To know about your current plan  
  • To upgrade your plan
  • To know the status of your current plan (Active, Suspended...)
  • To know the billing cycle
  • To see the outstanding invoices 
  • To make payment using stored credit cards

NOTE: You cannot downgrade your plan in Menumiz

You can also see and sort all the previous invoices.

Under this section, you will also be able to see the Gateway surcharge or Commission due to Menumiz (if any subject to your plan).

NOTE: Menumiz currently does not support multi-location or chain restaurants under one account. This option will be available on the next release soon.

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