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Method of Payments

There are three main payment options supported by Menumiz which the system can track and keep records of each and generates reports out of related transactions in each category.

1: Pay By App

This is a service exclusively offered by Menumiz. Pay By App enables your customers to store a credit or debit card (Visa or Master) in Menumiz app and make payment directly from their smartphone without any cashier staff engagement. 

                            (Pay By App currently supports Visa and Master cards only)

2: Cash 

By enabling cash payment, your customer will see "cash" option in the payment section of Menumiz app and can choose this option to make payment. Upon selecting cash payment, a barcode is generated for the customer which enables the cashier to look up the bill by scanning the screen of a customer's smartphone at the counter. However, the cashier can look up the bill by table number also.

3: Card

You can choose the accepted cards from the list (there is QR pay also) and they will just be displayed to your customers (informative only) if they wish to pay by card at the counter. To process a card payment yet you need a cashier and an EFTPOS. However, the cashier must key in the last four digits of the card and expiry date, as well as the approval code in the system. Menumiz will keep track of card payments in the accounting module and can generate relevant reports.

IMPORTANT: The system has not any processor for any QR pay, should you accept such payments, you will need to have all devices required already. Also, Menumiz just acknowledges Cash, Card and Pay By App payments in its accounting module only. Should you have any other option such as QR pay, you need to enter it under card or cash into the system manually to keep its records. ( you can create a virtual cash drawer for such cases )

Going Dutch

You have an option to enable "Going Dutch" option for your customers under Payment Configuration. 

IMPORTANT: You need to have at least one conventional method of payment (cash or card ) and cannot rely on Pay By App only. Please consider some customers might not have a smartphone, sometimes mobiles are out of battery and as well, there are limits on Pay By App payments, hence, you need a backup option for payments.


NOTE: Menumiz does not support multi-currency payments. Any foreign card used will be exchanged in your local currency for settlement. please check the exchange rates with your bank or e-merchant service provider for the rates on foreign currency card payments. 

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