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Pay By App

Pay By App is the service never in the market for restaurants before. EFTPOS has been the common practice for payment in a restaurant for decades which means " Electronic Fund Transfer At Point Of Sale".

Menumiz has introduced OFTPOS "Online Fund Transfer At Point Of Sale" by its Pay By App service. By enabling this service, your customers can make payments directly to you from stored credit cards or e-Wallets  in Menumiz App or on their smartphones.

IMPORTANT: Menumiz is not a Payment aggregator and shall never receive money on your behalf. Menumiz just provides payment processing service and you will receive the payment from your customers directly into your account. 

 (Pay By App currently supports Visa and Master cards only and

the following e-Wallets

Pay By App for e-Wallets

You should have already an e-Wallet account with one of the provider. There is no action required to activate it in the system. Just enable it under General Setting/Payment

Menumiz supports the below e-Wallets:

  • Razer Pay
  • Touch&Go
  • Boost
  • GrabPay
  • WechatPay
  • TaPay
  • AliPay 

Pay By App For Master or Visa 

To activate this service, first, you need to make sure that your plan supports this service. If your plan does not support Pay By App, you need to upgrade your plan. (Pay By App might not be available in some countries yet).

Pay By App activation needs an Admin privilege. Go to Dashboard > Configurations > General Settings > Payment Configuration and check the Pay By App. If you do not see Pay By App option, then it means that your plan does not support the service.

Remember that to run this service, you would need to have internet (e-merchant) account from our panel of banks or service providers. Please visit E-merchant Account article for more details.

Once you obtained an E-merchant account, then you need to integrate with our payment processor. On the payment configuration section, under Pay By App click " Apply For Gateway Access" and fill in the form and submit.

Payment Express, the gateway service provider will contact and discuss with you on the service requirements directly. (It usually takes two business days to get the service). You will be provided with the gateway key and ID by email.


Once you obtained the user ID and Key from Payment Express, you need to go back to Payment Configuration, click on "Configure Payment Gateway Access"  and enter the PxPay User ID and key in the related field and click Save. Remember to click UPDATE to save changes.

We would suggest that you run a few test transactions as a dummy customer to make sure everything is fine and you see the amount in your merchant account ( usually takes 24 hours )

IMPORTANT: We would like to remind you that PAY BY APP service may include charges and fees depending on the plan you are subscribing. You may have to pay a gateway fee ( e.g. 20 cents per transaction ) which is billed to you monthly in a separate invoice. Any merchant fees, charges and charge-backs must be borne by you.

Pay By App LIMITS ( Cards Only )

IMPORTANT: There might be limits imposed on customers on spending on Menumiz using  Pay By App.  To protect you from fraudulent card payments, there are maximum daily limits on Pay By App payments. To See the current limits, please click here.



PAY BY APP is a PCI certified service and follows the international standards for processing online payments. You may download our PCI certificate for your reference.


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