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General Settings

General Settings

General Settings is the place for you to manage your restaurant’s basic information. Here we have sections for Business Settings, Social Networking, Facilities, Business Hours, Kitchen Working Hours, Kitchen Sections Configuration, Payment Configuration, Table Configuration and Printer Configuration.


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Business Settings

Welcome Message - this message will be displayed to your guests under your logo, once they scan your restaurant’s QR code placed on their tables or wherever you placed them.

Food Served - which is the typical type of dish that you are serving (I.e.: Western, Arabic, Chinese, Seafood, Fast food, etc.)

Time Zone - you need to let the system know what your time zone is in order to sync transactions and other critical parts.

Drinking Restricted Age - should you serve alcohol you probably need to follow your local law on not serving alcohol to under-aged customers. The system can help you with not offering alcohol to under-aged. Please remember that the system relies on customer declaration about their date of birth and this is at your discretion to assess your customer age if there is any doubt.

Price Range - a guideline for your customers not to be surprised by the bill after serving the food. ( system will consider +20% excess)

Serving Collection Method - is an option where you can choose whether you want the waiters to send the food and drinks to the tables or you can turn your restaurant into a self-service restaurant and make the guests pick up their own foods and drinks from a counter. You can change this option whenever you want and it is not a one-time setup.

Send Notification Method - is an option for the guests to receive a notification when their orders are ready to serve ( or collect at the counter ). The options are Group and Separate. The function of Group notification is when you have several orders for one table, the notification will only be sent to the guest once the kitchen has completed all of their orders, whereas for Separate, every time the kitchen completes an order, the notification will be sent to the guest. So, if a table has 10 orders, the host of the table will receive the notifications for 10 times.

Order Collection Screen - is an option for the collection screen LCD to display which order is ready. For certain restaurants that practice self-service, most of them will have a separate screen only for collections. For this, you will have the options either to show for Takeaway only or Dine-In only or you can show both.

Calories Measurement Unit - option is where you can choose either to show in kcal (Kilocalories) or to show in kJ (Kilojoules). This option will be shown in your menu when your guests are browsing your menu, each of your dishes will show the calories using the unit that you choose here.

Description - is where you share with your guests about the restaurant. i.e.: The origin or history or the inspiration of your restaurant.

Logo - you will have to upload your restaurant’s logo and it will be shown as your profile’s picture when your guests open your restaurant’s profile either to rate, review or they just simply want to know your restaurant better. This logo will appear in your bills as well. (JPG, JPEG, PNG, minimum measurement is 120X120 and the best is 600x600 transparent PNG ).

Cover - This image is used as background for a tablet or iPad which you may assign to a table and let the customers use such device to order as in a self-service method rather than their own smartphones. To know more about this option, please read article on Mounted Device

Photo Gallery - the pictures that you upload here is for your restaurant’s profile and it is not for your menu. The pictures that you uploaded here can only be seen in your restaurant’s profile when your guests open your restaurant’s profile. (Max number of pictures is 7 pictures and the minimum requirement for the measurement is 600x600).

- Once done with this section, you will have to click “Save” to avoid any data loss.

Business Hours

This is where you set your business hours individually for each day from Monday to Sunday as well as for public holidays. You can always update your business hours anytime you want as this is not a one-time setup option. This information will be visible in your restaurant profile for your guests to see.

NOTE: Any change in this section must be “updated “ day by day. Each day has it’s own setting and you need to click UPDATE on each box to save the changes.

Kitchen Operation Hours

For most restaurants, their respective kitchens will have different operating hours. Most of them will close earlier than the business hours. This option is for you to set your kitchen operation hours individually for each day and for public holidays as well. You can always update your business hours anytime you want, as this is not a one-time setup option. This information will be visible in your restaurant profile for your guests to see.

Please remember that if a guest starts an order when the kitchen is closed, the system will generate a warning; “ Kitchen already closed, please check with the staff if the kitchen can take this order before proceeding “ to avoid any problem for the customer. However, the system does not completely stop the order as most of the restaurant may yet handle orders even after the kitchen is officially closed.

Once you have done with updating the time, please click “Update” on each related box.


This option is for you to let your guests know what facilities that are available in your restaurant. Many guests want to know if there is a washroom, car park, etc. Here you have a numerous option to let your customer know about what you offer or have in your restaurant.

If you really have no facility or do not want to share about them to your customer, please select “None”.

Once done with the settings, please click “Update” to avoid any data loss.

Social Networking

You can provide your social media links here such as Facebook Page, Instagram, website and etc. The addresses that you provide will be shown in your restaurant profile as hyperlinks. So, it will be just a click away for your guests to go and check out your Facebook page or Instagram.

Once done with this section, you will have to click “Save” to avoid any data loss

Payment Configuration

In this section, you will be able to manage the payment options available for your customers to make payment by. Cash or card at the counter ( you will need EFTPOS ) whereas you can choose the list of accepted credit cards by you can be managed here. Also, you may allow customers to have “Going Dutch" payment option or not.

Pay By App as the most convenient method for you and your customers can be activated here (subject to your plan). Once you check the box for “ Pay By App “, it will take you to a module which you need to provide your online (Internet or E-commerce ) merchant account credential and if you have not yet one, you will learn how to get one. (More details about Pay By App option will be available under Payment Management)

Please remember that upon providing your E-merchant account info here, it may take up to three working days to activate “ Pay By App “ and during this time, your customers yet will not be able  pay by this method.

Once done with the settings, please click “Update” to avoid any data loss.

Table Configuration

QR codes: There are two main things to be adjusted in this part. Firstly is whether all tables will use the same QR code or each will have a unique QR. In first scenario, all tables will have the same QR code and upon scanning the QR code by the customer, table number must be entered manually by the customer (you need to display table numbers on the tables). But in case that you opt to use unique QR for each table, then table number will be embedded in the QR code and there is no need your customer to manually enter the table number. However, in this case you have to display related QR on each table and be careful they are not displaced.

Above image shows when a restaurant is using a general QR for all tables. In this case, once a customer scans a QR , he or she needs to key in a table number ( where he wishes to sit ) and also select whether it is a dine in or a Takeaway. 

The QR can be printed or reset from this section.

Billing: The billing method is an option for you to choose either you want your guests to Pay As Ordered (PAO), which means that your guests need to pay the amount due immediately after submitting the order (the order will not processed unless the payment is made order and the other one is Pay As Served (PAS), which means your guests may pay after their orders have been served. And the last option “Either” is for you to have both kind of methods and it is highly recommended to choose this option as some restaurants require their take away guests to pay for the orders before the restaurant process their orders

You can also manage the OrderSession Time for  a general QR code method here in general settings under table configurations. Order session is actually the time ( in Min) that the customer have time to submit an order, if the time exceeds, the session will be expired and the table is free for others, however, the customer yet can ask for an extension. 

In case of a unique QR method, you can manage the order session time under  the Table Settings for each table individually.(the bigger the table , the longer time needed to order

Kitchen Sections

This option is for you to set the number of kitchen sections that you have i.e.: Grill, Bar or  Beverages, Bakery and etc. Each section means different display of orders in an LCD. You can choose a unique colour for each section to distinguish them faster in order list.

You may find further explanation in the “Kitchen” category at  Set Up > Basic Configuration >        Kitchen


Note: The printer setting is set to “Skip Printer Setting” by default as we recommend restaurants to use monitor instead as it would be easier for the kitchen to manage the order received. Should you choose to use a printer for the kitchen and track the orders on paper, you will have to enter the Printer ID (refer to Printer Configuration) and Dimensions based on your printer’s specification.

Printer Configuration

For this part, please refer to detailed article on Cloud Printer Setup in our HELP page. 

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