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Digital menu at a glance

Digital Menu At A glance

Once you have done with the basic configuration, Menumiz will bring you to the next step which is the Menu Maker page. Creating a digital menu for the first time might be a bit confusing as this is a very complex thing for the computer to understand many different restaurant requirements all in one module. You may be used to designing a menu on paper which is simple, but to create a live digital menu online, you need to look at it like creating a pyramid organisation having many departments and each department having many staff.  You need to start from the apex to the base carefully.

Menumiz follows a three level menu to organise a digital menu as below: 

 1: First level is the Main Menu which is actually the main category such as Lunch menu, Dinner Menu, Weekend Menu or Thai food, International Food, Italian ...

2: Second level is the Submenu which contains the available group for each Main Menu such as   Main Course, Salad, Drinks, Kids menu ...

3: The third level is the dishes and sidelines as final items such as Steak, Burger, Pasta, Coke, French Fries, wine ...

So once you create a menu, you cannot simply put all dishes unorganised there, you need to think and revise your preferences on the number of main menus you will have, the number of submenus in each menu and the final dishes and items. 

 Before starting the menu, you would need the following ready:

Planning your menus

First of all, you need to plan what menus, submenus and dishes you will have. Also, make sure what sidelines and add-ons you may need. Remember that if you create a sideline or Add-on in Menumiz digital menu, then they are not visible to customers as an A La Carte item and just can be seen through the main dish. If you need them to be available for order separately, then you have to create duplicates with different TYPE in the menu setting. 

Also, you may not want to charge for an Add-on the same price if this was ordered as an A la carte. 

Some photos or videos

You will need photos or videos for Main Menu, Submenu and each single dish or item. You may download some from our free stock photo ( you can see them from the upload pop up) or prepare your own content.  Please note that Menumiz currently does not support editing photos and hence, you need to have all photos edited, added any text on them  ( if required ) before uploading. 

Photo must be at least 600X600 JPJ, JPEG or PNG only.  

Video must be MP4 and maximum 3MB ( no limit on its duration, however, having a 4MB limit on file size, it will have poor quality to have a long clip. (recommended is 15 Sec Loop)


You need to have some notes about each menu, submenu or dish. This text will be displayed to your customers under the related photo or videos.


You need to add ingredients for each dish in the menu. So better to check with your chef before creating the menu. Ingredients are important to your customers and we may use them to filter the menu based on your customer's preferences as well. 


Estimated calories, estimated preparation time, types and options ( e.g.: Large, medium...), adds on or sidelines and also the price(s) must be known when creating a menu. Please note that you cannot save as draft a menu and hence, you have to create it in one shot.

To proceed with creating your first menu, please read the next article on " Create A Menu "

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