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Kitchen Sections

Menumiz, defines different sections for the kitchen and links each dish or item in a menu, to a particular section in the kitchen. Each section means a display showing relevant orders under one page. In other words, each kitchen section is a kitchen department and Menumiz will send orders to related departments for processing.

However, the concept of a section is more visual and not technical. It means, that it is just categorising orders in different colours to be identified easily in similar groups. ( e.g. DRINKS, GRILL, SALAD...). In action, you may have really physical sections in your kitchen and different people handling each section, in this case, you have to install and mount a  display monitor for each section and choose the related section to be displayed. 

NOTE: Sections are under tabs in Kitchen module and you can switch between each section easily or see ALL the sections in one page. 

To Add or Create kitchen section go to Dashboard > Configuration > General Settings > Kitchen Sections and click ADD.

Choose a name, pick up a colour and click ADD.

NOTE: Should your kitchen uses printed orders ( as an old fashion method), you can link a printer ( thermal cloud printer ) to each section by unchecking the " Skip Printer Setting ".

To assign a printer, you should have configured cloud printer(s) for the system already and obtain the printer ID and key in the ID here under each kitchen section. Please read the article on cloud printing to learn more about printing in Menumiz.

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