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Cash Drawer Setting

To start with billing, you need to add at least one cash drawer to the system unless your restaurant has a cashless policy.

NOTE: Menumiz only supports RJ11 trigger for the cash drawer. (you may have to download and install a driver for the USB trigger, scroll down this page for more info)

To start with adding a new cash drawer, go to Dashboard > Configuration > Cash Drawer Settings and click ADD NEW DEVICE and follow the steps below:

Step 1:

Choose a Name for your new cash drawer.

Step 2:

Choose the correct Port.

To learn about how to identify USB ports, read below articles:

Step 3:

Click ADD.

You will see the list of all drawers created here. By clicking on the pen icon, you can edit each Cash Drawer.

You can change the status of the drawer and temporarily deactivate it. 

IMPORTANT: Once you added a drawer, you need to assign a user to it under Cashier Access.


You may need to install this DRIVER or plugin on your computer to connect your RJ11 compatible drawer to work with Menumiz. Using Menumiz drawer plugin, makes the drawer opens automatically upon processing cash payment by the cashier. 

NOTE: This driver supports Windows only.

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