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Cash Balance

The main idea for Cash Balance module is showing the available balance in each cash drawer. However, this module has more functions as follow:

To access the Cash Balance, go to Dashboard > Billing > Cash Balance, you will have:


Reset/ Zero Balance

By resetting or Zero balancing a cash drawer, you actually empty the cash drawer out of money and it is when, a cashier hands over all cash usually at end of the day. So, the system resets the cash drawer for tomorrow. 

Add Cash

It may happen that you have to top up a cash box any time during business. For instance, if there is no small cash and you need to add some, or when the system launches from the first time and you need to show how much was there at the beginning. 

NOTE: System tags reset or add transactions from here and such transactions will never be mistaken by a cash payment by a customer. 

Transaction details

By clicking on the menu icon for each cash drawer, you will see all transactions occurred at the counter and you are able to search or sort all the information. 

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