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Mounted Device

A Mounted device is actually a tablet or iPad (or similar) assigned to a table which enables a customer who has not a smartphone or does not wish to use their own mobiles, to access the menus and submit an order. 

It could be technically fixed and mounted as a large standing LCD monitor in a restaurant floor as a digital menu ( e.g.: self-service menu in a fast-food outlet).

To add a mounted device please go to Dashboard > My Account > Staff Management and click ADD NEW STAFF.

IMPORTANT: A mounted Device is considered a new user type in the system and you have to consider it as an employee.

Step 1:

Choose a Name. (Example: Tablet 1, Ipad 2).

Step 2:

Choose " Mounted Device" from the list.

Step 3:

Choose a Username and a Password.

Step 4:

Click ADD.

Once you have created the Mounted Device, install the Menumiz app in the device you would like to use as mounted device (It works fine on a Chrome browser in a desktop as well) and log in to the account using the username and password for mounted device and then follow the steps below to configure the mounted device.

Step 1:

Click on the Gear Icon at the right down corner.

Step 1:

Choose a PIN code and confirm it.

This PIN is to avoid a random log out or manipulation of the device by a curious customer. 

NOTE: This PIN can be reset only by the admin under staff management module.

Step 2:

Key in the Table Number which you would like to assign the device to.

Step 3:


The screen displays a QR for the table, should the customer wishes to use personal smartphone and as well as a TAB directly taking the customer to the menu on the device. Once entered in the menu, it looks like exactly like a Menumiz app on smartphone having all options but no Pay By App feature. A customer has to pay at the counter when using a mounted device.

NOTE: Mounted Device uses a fixed table number in all tale configurations, whether it is a General QR code setup or unique QR code setup. However, the QR code is displayed on it, follows the settings and upon scan, asks for table number if it is a general QR setup

IMPORTANT: You may need to lock the app on the device and disable the Close or Home button to avoid customers from using other apps on the tablet or iPad. To disable the Close or Home button follow the below instructions: 

On Andriod

You need to PIN the Screen. It is usually under settings ( additional settings) / device privacy / Screen Pinning. Once you activate this feature, you need to run the app (Menumiz), tap on the overview and drag the app icon to the middle of the screen and let it back, it will open up a menu which Pin is one of them, tap it to pin the app on screen. Some more advanced devices support password for the pin as well. 

For more detailed information, please visit the link below:

On iOS

You need to activate GUIDED ACCESS on your iOS device to lock the app on screen. Please go to Settings / General / Accessibility / Guided Access and turn on this feature. You can add a password to it at same time. Then, go back to the app (Menumiz), open it and triple click on Home Button. and choose Guided Access option. Remember to enable touch for the app under Guided Access options.

 For more detailed information, please visit the link below:

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