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We regret to know that you have encountered a problem and are very sorry if it has impacted your business. However, please note that Menumiz is a very complex system and we are not surprised if you find a bug or a problem while using it and would appreciate if you share your experience with us to help us improve.

SMS or EMAIL verification problems:

If you do not receive the PIN by SMS or Email, please be patient, sometimes it may take a few minutes for the SMS or Email to be delivered. If you did not receive any PIN after a long time, first make sure you have provided the correct Email address and mobile number, if the problem persists, please contact us at

NOTE: Some mobile carriers may not deliver SMS sent our servers (it is rare, but some unpopular mobile carriers may not be in the list for SMS delivery). In this case, please change your mobile number and use a different SIM card by another mobile company. 

To avoid any problem while using Menumiz, make sure the following conditions are applied:

1:  Make sure you have a very stable internet connection.

2: Make sure your computers won't go to sleep mode for modules such as floor, Kitchen, collection screen ... which need to be running hours and hours non-stop.

3: in case of a non-responsive page, just refresh or close and re-open the browser. Since all data are on cloud, no data will be lost.

4: Remember that  "Force Quit"  works on app problems most of the time. 

5: Remember that  the browser cache may result in problems some times. Please clear your browsing history and try again. 

However, in a rare case that system crashes, do the followings:

  • Remember as much as possible the scenario and let us know ASAP
  • Try to force quit the app on your device and restart the app or clear the history and DNS of browser if it is a desktop.
  • Log out of the module and re-log in.

If the problem is more serious, do the following:

  • Ask all users do the above-mentioned instructions.
  • Delete the app and reinstall it.
  • Clear all the tables in the system manually, by clearing the tables, the system bypasses the issue.

NOTE: You may have to hold all new orders for a while, not to have a new scan while troubleshooting.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you are using the latest updates on your device or computers, and the latest version of the app has been installed.

You may record screen videos or screenshots of the device having a problem and send it to

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