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Table Turnover Simulator/Calculator

Table Turnover Calculator

The Restaurant Table Turnover Simulator-Calculator has been developed by Menumiz to help F&B outlets calculate table turnover of their premises by an acceptable estimate.  The calculator takes into account a variety of factors that influence the turnover of a table per hour, i.e. number of guests, food prep time, number of waitstaff, price of the food etc.  This is a free calculator and demonstrates the comparison of table turnover if the Menumiz System is in place versus a traditional POS system (table-side order). Traditional methods of calculating table turnover do not consider a variety of factors and only allow restaurants to work on past data.  With Menumiz Table Turnover Calculator, you can simulate a variety of scenarios in order to determine strategies for improving the turnover rate of your restaurant and optimize it by fine tuning hidden factors.

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This module uses a complex algorithm developed by the Menumiz team to estimate the table turnover in a traditional restaurant setup ( table side order by waitstaff ) for a restaurant based on available data.

 The algorithm takes into account many factors impacting the table turnover rather than just the number of guests and the number of tables only. In fact, table turnover per hour is a complex result of number of the tables, number of the guests, the table setup, table to waitstaff ratio, price, restaurant setup and design and as well as management.

In some instances, you may have higher table-turnover simply by changing the average price of meals! Use this calculator to simulate your restaurant and optimize the table turnover by changing the values and identify ways to improve the turnover rate..

Please be reminded that the report here is an average estimate of the real situation. We can safely say it is up to 90% accurate for most of the cases, however, please consider this result as a guidance and estimate only and never refer to it as a solid proof of table turnover as in  a real scenario.

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