menumiz™ Accounting Software Integration

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menumiz™ Accounting Software Integration

Designed to simplify and streamline your financial management. With this feature, you can effortlessly connect your menumiz™ account with Xero.

Below are the steps to guide you through the process.

  1. Connect to Xero: To initiate the integration, access the “Connect to Xero” option in your menumiz™ account.
  2. Sign Up for Xero: If you don’t have a Xero account yet, you can register for one through the “Sign Up Xero” option. This will direct you to Xero’s registration page.
  3. Help Documentation: For detailed instructions, you can access our “Help Documentation.” This documentation offers step-by-step guidance for setting up the integration.
  4. Need Assist: If you encounter any issues during the integration process or have questions, please feel free to ask for help using the “I Need Assistance” option. Our support team will be ready to assist you.
  5. Suggest Integration: We value your input and specific integration requests. Use the “Suggest Integration” option to share your ideas with us. We’re committed to improving our service based on your feedback.

NOTE: MYOB Integration is Coming Soon. We’re constantly working to expand our integration options. Soon, you’ll also be able to integrate menumiz™ with MYOB, providing even more flexibility in managing your finances.


  1. Access your menumiz™ account settings and navigate to the “Integrations” section.
  2. Click on “Connect” next to Xero.
  3. Log into your Xero account when prompted. Allow access to connect menumiz™.
  4. Configure your account settings in Xero to enable daily automated syncing at your preferred time.
  5. In menumiz™, confirm the integration is active. Your sales, inventory, tax, and other data will now flow automatically to Xero daily.
  6. To view your synced data, simply log into your Xero account. Your books will be up to date reflecting the latest data from menumiz™.
  7. The integration will continue to sync daily in the background. No further action is required once setup is complete.

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