Types of QR Code

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Types of QR Code

General QR Code

The General QR Code serves as a versatile tool for your business’s contactless ordering. To optimise its functionality, follow these step-by-steps instructions:

1. Choose Layout for QR Code Page

  • After selecting the QR code type, proceed to the next step.
  • Here, you’ll have the option to select the layout for your QR code page.
  • menumiz™ offers various layouts for thermal printers, including:

A4 Stickers (9)

A4 Stickers (6)

A4 (2-Fold)

NOTE: There may be additional layout options available based on your local market.

2. Incorporate Your Logo

Enhance your QR code’s appearance and branding by incorporating your business’s logo. Simply add your logo within the Account/Business Profile settings.

3. About Section Text

The text displayed on the QR code page is retrieved from the “About” section in your business profile. Ensure this section is up-to-date and accurately represents your business.

4. Reset QR Code (Reset Button)

If you’re concerns about QR code misuse or fake orders, you can reset your QR code. However, keep in mind that resetting it makes existing QR codes invalid. After a reset, generate new ones for printing.

5. Download Layouts (PDF)

Once you’ve customised your QR code, download the layouts in PDF format for printing convenience.

6. Download QR Code Only (PNG)

If you prefer to design your own custom layout, you can download only the QR code as a PNG image. This enables you to incorporate it into your personalized page design.

menumiz™ contactless ordering relies on these QR codes. To enable this for your guests, generate a QR code for them to scan with their mobile camera, granting them access to your restaurant or cafe page and your digital menu.

Please note, at present, menumiz™ doesn’t support table number embedded QR codes (Unique QR codes). So, when guests scan the QR code, they need to enter their table number or specify takeaway. This ensures smooth service and order processing.

Unique QR Code

This exceptional feature provides each table with its distinct Dynamic QR codes, offering real-time updates and seamless connections to your digital menu.

When setting up custom QR codes, consider the following options:

  1. QR Code Prefix: Assign a prefix to each QR code to differentiate between tables or sections.
  2. Range: Define the range of unique IDs for the QR codes, ensuring they are easily distinguishable.
  3. ID: Each QR code will have its unique identification number for precise tracking.
  4. Table Number: Assign a specific table number to the QR code, making it easy for staff and customers to identify the table.
  5. Status: Monitor the status of each QR code, whether it’s active or inactive.
  6. Action: Take specific actions related to individual QR codes, such as editing or deactivating them.

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