Working Hours

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Working Hours

The “Working Hours” section allows you to define and manage the operational hours of your restaurant or establishment. This is a crucial step in ensuring that the menumiz™ system aligns seamlessly with your opening and closing times. Properly configuring your business and kitchen working hours is vital to make your digital menu and tableside ordering functionality available when you need it.

In this section, you can set the specific hours during which your business or kitchen are operational. These details ensure that the menumiz™ system accurately reflects your opening and closing times to your customer. Remember that the system will continue working and QR codes remain valid out of your working hours. If a customer scans a QR code out of your kitchen working hours, they will only receive a reminder that the kitchen might be closed, and it is advisable for them to check with the waitstaff before placing an order. ( They can continue placing the order nevertheless).

Configuring the “Working Hours” section is essential to synchronize your restaurant’s operation with the menumiz™ system, allowing you to provide timely and accurate information to your customers, ultimately enhancing their dining experience.


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