Adding Working Hour Schedules

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Adding Working Hour Schedules

When configuring your business’s working hours, you may need to set specific time spans for each day.

Here’s how to add schedules effectively:

  1. Select the Weekday: First, choose the weekday you want to configure the working hours for. This ensures you can tailor the schedule to each day’s unique requirements.
  2. Time Bar (ON Duration): Use the time bar to select the duration during which your establishment will be open. This allows you to precisely set the start and end times for your business hours.
  3. Adjusting Times (Schedule the start / end time): For touch screens, keep in mind that your finger may obscure the numbers, making it difficult to see your selected time. To address this, simply tap on the start or end time and then slide your finger down while maintaining pressure. This action lets you fine-tune your chosen times with ease.
  4. Confirm and Save (Add Schedule Button): Once you’ve set the working hours for the selected weekday, click the “Add Schedule” button to save your schedule.

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