Setting Up Working Hours for My Business

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Setting Up Working Hours for My Business

Setting up your restaurant’s working hours in menumiz™ is an easy process, ensuring that your customers receive accurate information about when you’re open for business.

Follow these steps:

  1. Time Zone Selection: Begin by selecting your time zone to align your working hours with the correct local time.
  2. Business Working Hours: You have the flexibility to define your business working hours. These are the hours when your business is open for customers.
  3. Kitchen Hours: You have the flexibility to define your kitchen working hours, specifying when your kitchen is operational.
  4. Sync Business and Kitchen Hours: Alternatively, you can merge your business and kitchen working hours into a single schedule to simplify your management.
  5. Customize by Day: Choose to have different working hours for each day of the week or opt for a fixed schedule, except for public holidays, by checking the appropriate box.
  6. Weekdays: Configure your working hours for individual weekdays according to your operational needs.
  7. Seven-Day Option: If you’ve selected the “all days” checkbox in step 5, the seven-day option will be activated for quick adjustments.
  8. Public Holidays (PH): Add specific schedules for public holidays as needed to accommodate special hours.
  9. Schedule Different Working Hour: It’s crucial to avoid overlaps in your working hours, as this can lead to confusion. Ensure that your morning, lunch, and dinner working hours are clearly defined.


Public Holidays

menumiz™ prompts you to confirm public holidays manually when a user logs into the Order Management. You can also manage public holidays under TSO settings for the same day.

Business Working Hours

Setting your business working hours ensures that QR codes are valid only within these hours. If a customer scans a QR code outside of these hours, the system displays a “Sorry, we are closed” message. If no working hours are defined, QR codes are valid 24/7.

Kitchen Working Hours

If you choose to set kitchen working hours, both business and kitchen hours will be displayed on your menumiz™ page to inform your customers.

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