Exploring the Main Interface of menumiz™ Digital Menu

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Exploring the Main Interface of menumiz™ Digital Menu

The main interface of the menumiz™ digital menu provides a comprehensive set of tools and features for managing and organizing your menu effectively. By leveraging these features within the main interface, you can organize, manage, and present your menu items in a way that enhances the dining experience for your customers and streamlines your business’s operations.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of its key elements:

1. Manage Menus (Menu Organizer)

This essential tool allows you to create, organize, and manage your menu folders. With the menu organizer, you can structure your menus and submenus as needed, ensuring a logical and user-friendly presentation of your offerings.

2. Menu Bar (Existing Menus)

The menu bar displays all your existing menu folders, giving you a clear overview of the different categories or meal options available to your customers. You can access and edit menus directly from this bar.

NOTE: For more comprehensive information, please refer to https://support.menumiz.com/docs/digital-menu/exploring-the-main-interface-of-menumiz-digital-menu/menu-bar-existing-menus/.

3.  Submenu Bar (Existing Submenus)

Just like menus, submenu folders are essential for categorizing and organizing your dishes.

NOTE: For more comprehensive information, please refer to https://support.menumiz.com/docs/digital-menu/exploring-the-main-interface-of-menumiz-digital-menu/submenu-bar-existing-submenus/.

4. Grid View of Dishes

This view provides an at-a-glance visual representation of your dishes and items. The grid view is particularly useful for quickly scanning through your offerings and gaining an overall perspective of your menu items.

5. List View of Dishes

The list view offers a more detailed and structured presentation of your menu items. It’s an organized way to view and manage your dishes, allowing you to access specific details and make precise edits.

6. Add New Item (Dish Wizard)

The Dish Wizard is an invaluable tool for adding new menu items. It seamlessly guides you through the process of creating main dishes, sides, add-ons, and set dishes, ensuring every detail is captured with precision. With this tool, you can effortlessly include descriptions, set prices, upload images, and input other essential information, making menu management both efficient and thorough

NOTE: For more comprehensive information, please refer to https://support.menumiz.com/docs/digital-menu/how-to-create-a-digital-menu/.

7. Search In Dishes and Items

To streamline menu management, the search feature allows you to quickly locate specific dishes and items within your digital menu. Whether you need to make edits or find particular offerings, this search function simplifies the process.


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