Dish Card


The Dish card in the menumiz™ digital menu provides essential information and tools for managing menu items effectively.

Here’s a detailed breakdown:

  1. Serving Type: Specifies whether the dish is for “Dine-in” or “Takeaway” or “Delivery”
  2. Dish Title: Displays the name of the food item.
  3. Dish Code: Represents a unique identifier for the dish (Optional)
  4. Ratings: Shows customer’s given ratings for the dish.
  5. Price: Displays the default price for the item. If smart pricing is enabled, the price is with a lamp icon.
  6. Docket Printer: This icon indicates that no printer has been assigned to this item. (Available only in a multi-kitchen system setup)
  7. Video Enabled: Indicates whether a video is available for the dish. If no icon is present, only an image is available.
  8. Tags: Click here to edit or manage tags associated with the dish.
  9. Age tag: Allows you to add age restriction information.
  10. Stock Counter: Monitors the available stock for this item, providing insights into inventory levels.
  11. Settings:Access comprehensive dish properties and options for customization
  12. Duplicate card: Quickly cerate a duplicate of the same card (image and some information must be added manually in the new copy)
  13. Availablity Status: Quickly mark the dish as “Sold Out” or resume sales when it’s available again.
  14. Visiblity: Toggle the visibility of the dish to customers. Hide to temporarily remove it from the menu.
  15. Sales Report: Access item-based reports for the dish, including sales data over various timeframes.
  16. Status Label: Dish visiblity or availablity status label for your reference.

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