Menu Bar (Existing Menus)

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Menu Bar (Existing Menus)

The Menu Bar in menumiz™ Digital Menu displays existing menu folders you have created and alows you to filter items based on each menu folder. These menu bar icons and indicators are essential for effectively managing your digital menu. They insights into menu organization, scheduling, and visibility, enabling you to present your menu items in a way that best suits your business’s need.

NOTE: Side dishes and add-ons come with a system default menu, so there’s no need for you to create them from scratch

Here’s a detailed explanation of these icons:

1. Number of Submenus

This number represents the quantity of submenus associated with the selected main menu. It offers a quick overview of the menu’s organization, showing how many subcategories are linked to the main menu.

2. Calendar Icon (Automatic Display Schedule)

This icon signifies that the menu is to set to adhere to an Automatic Display Schedule. This feature enables you schedule specific times or days for the menu to appear or disappear in the digital menu. It’s a useful tool for managing daily specials or time- sensitive menu items. (You can control this function from the “manage menu” module)

3. Default menu for Sidelines and Add-Ons

This menu serves as the default location for linking free sidelines and add-ons to main dishes or items. It streamlines the process of associating these additional items with the main menu items, making menu organization more efficient.

4. Eye Icon (Hidden Menu)

The corssed Eye Icon on the top right corner which indicates that the menu is currently hidden from customers or the waietstaff. Hidden menus are not visible to guests when they access the digital menu. To make this menu visible to customer again, you can adjust its settings in the “Manage Menus” section.

NOTE: For more comprehensive information, please refer to

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