Stock Counter


Stock Counter

The Stock Counter is an important tool for managing your inventory effectively. Here’s a detailed breakdown:

  1. Items Available: This number indicates how many of a specific item are currently in stock and ready to be ordered.
  2. Item Low (Orange Colour Alert): When your stock reaches 5 , you’ll receive a visual reminder. This alerts you to a low inventory level, turning the count to orange. This prompts you to take action and restock soon.
  3. Item Not Available (Red Colour Alert): If you deplete your stock entirely, this icon will indicate that the item is not available for ordering, turning red to draw your attention.

NOTE: The stock counter requires the kitchen staff to manually update the estimated available stock. As orders are placed by customers or the waitstaff, the counter decreases with each order until it reaches a predefined thresholds.

NOTE: The stock counter may display negative values and does not necessarily stop at zero.

Steps to use the Stock Counter efficiently:

  1. Quantity for Each Size/Type: You can assign quantities to different sizes or types of an item, which will help you manage your inventory more effectively.
  2. Auto-Sold-Out Option: By enabling this feature, you ensure that when an item’s stock reaches zero, it will automatically display as “Sold Out” to your customers. If you prefer not to use this option, the counter can go into negative numbers when an item is out of stock.

NOTE: The auto sold-out function is applied to each size/type individually. This means that while the ‘large’ size might be sold out, the ‘small’ size could still be available.

Monitoring your stock levels and using the auto-sold-out option will enhance your restaurant’s efficiency and prevent running out of essential items during service particularly for QR code based orders.

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