Submenu Bar (Existing Submenus)

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Submenu Bar (Existing Submenus)

The Submenu Bar in menumiz™ Digital Menu contains various icons that provides valuable information and control options. These icons facilitate the organization of your digital menu by helping you focus on sections, thus streamlining your menu management process.

Here’s a detailed explanation of these icons:

1. Selected Submenu

The red header indicates the submenu you’ve chosen from the list. The submenu is subcategory within your menu that contains specific groups or items. By selecting a submenu, you’re focusing over particular items in your menu, making it easier to view and manage related items.

2. Number of Dishes Available

This number signifies how many individual dishes or items are present within the selected submenu. It provides an at-a-glance count of the offerings in the submenu, allowing you to gauge the extent of your menu in that specific category.

NOTE: The menu bar icons serve as a dynamic filter for your menu. When you select a main menu, the submenu icons beneath it are filtered to show the relevant subcategories. Similarly, selecting a submenu unveils all the dishes within that submenu. To deselect a submenu or main menu, simply click it again to return to the broader menu view.

NOTE: Hiding or auto-scheduling a submenu is not possible; these functions are exclusively reserved for the main menu folders

NOTE: For more comprehensive information, please refer to

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