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Import Menu

Menumiz offers a convenient import menu option to save you time. Simply create your menu in an Excel file using the provided template and effortlessly upload it to your digital menu.

NOTE: The import menu feature works only on the browser. If you are using the Menumiz POS app, it will open the browser, prompt you to log in as an admin, and then allow you to import the menu.

IMPORANT: images, videos, smart pricing, menu/submenu descriptions cannot be imported. You can import the basic structure of the menus, but you will need to edit each one individually to add the relevant missing details.

To import menu:

1: Log in to your Menumiz POS account on a browser (e.g., Chrome).

2: Navigate to the digital menu, click on the search panel, and then click on “Import menu.”

3: Download the template.

4: Create your menu on the given excel template.

IMPORANT: Dish code is mandatory when creating menu to import. The system will recognize all items having the same dish code as one individual item, differing in size/price (Example :Small Margherita Pizza , Large margherita pizza)

You can add main items, add-ons, and free side dishes in the Excel file under their respective allocated sheets.

5: Upload the excel file back into the digital menu

NOTE: After you upload the menu, then you must add images, assign submenus, add side dishes or add-ons to the item manually.

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