Setting Up Your Digital Menu (Quick Guide)

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Setting Up Your Digital Menu (Quick Guide)

To make the most of your digital menu, here’s a recommended approach:

  1. Begin With Free Side Dishes & Add-Ons: Start by adding all the free side dishes and add-ons you intend to offer to avoid back and forth later.
  2. Manage Items Without Submenus: Add and manage all your dishes/items with the “No Submenu” tag, but don’t assign them to any submenu yet. You can link free side dishes or add-ons to these items as needed while adding them.
  3. Create Your Menus and Submenus: Establish your menus and submenus as per your menu structure.
  4. Assign Items to Submenus: Allocate your dishes / items to specific submenus to organize your menu effectively.

NOTE: For more comprehensive information, please refer to


  1. Waitstaff have access to all items in Order Management modules under “All Items” regardless of whether they belong to a submenu or not.
  2. Even if you haven’t set up menus or submenus, waitstaff can still view items and accept verbal orders.
  3. Items must be placed under a submenu to be visible in guests’ devices for QR code orders. Items cannot be directly under a menu and bypass the submenu. To hide specific dishes/items from guests devices but retain them for Order Management under “All Items” internally, avoid assigning submenus to those items.
  4. If you have a menu without any submenu, the system will automatically hide this empty menu.The system never shows empty folders.
  5. A dish/item can belong to multiple submenus simultaneously, allowing for diverse menu organisation. By deleting an item from one submenu only unlinks it, while preserving the item in your digital menu unless you delete it directly from the item control box.

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