Configuring Percentage-Based Price Adjustments in Smart Pricing

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Configuring Percentage-Based Price Adjustments in Smart Pricing

This process involves setting up price changes based on percentages for your menu items. It allows you to choose a particular day, decide if you want to increase or decrease the item’s price, specify the exact percentage of change, and indicate the specific time frame when this new price will be applied.

  • Select the Day: Choose the day you want to create a smart price for.
  • Price Adjustment: Decide whether you want to raise or lower the item’s price by a percentage.
  • Percentage Rate: Define the rate of price change in percentage.
  • Time Period: Specify the time range when the new price will be applied.

Here’s a detailed breakdown:

  1. The selected day
  2. The prices for food type/size based on percentage adjustments.
  3. The start and end time of the new price schedule.
  4. An option to delete the schedule.


  1. Percentage-based price changes will affect all sizes/prices you have for the dish.
  2. If a customer orders an item that had a different price when they selected it, the original price will be used on their bill.
  3. When you add a new size or price option to a dish after setting up smart pricing, it will follow the new price percentage during the scheduled times.
  4. You cannot edit an existing schedule. If you need to make changes, you must delete the schedule and create a new one.

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