Step-By-Step Guide on Using Smart Pricing

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Step-By-Step Guide on Using Smart Pricing

Here’s a step-by-step guide on using smart pricing:

  1. Enable/Disable Smart Price Option: Begin by enabling or disabling smart pricing for your menu items.
  • Day Selection: Choose the specific days of the week and public holidays (PH) you want to apply smart pricing to.
  • The “Select All Days” Option: You can either select specific days individually or choose to apply the same price schedule to all days. Opt for convenience by selecting “All Days” if you wish to apply the same pricing across the board.
  • Add A Price Schedule: To create a new price schedule, click the “Add a Price Schedule” option. This is where you specify the details for your smart pricing strategy.


  • Keep an eye on the “Normal” label in green text. It indicates that no price schedule is currently active for that day, reflecting the standard pricing.
  • When switching between “Select All Days” and individual days, be aware that this action will reset any existing schedules (if any).

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