Understanding the Concept of Menus & Submenus

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Understanding the Concept of Menus & Submenus

In the menumiz™ ePOS system, menus and submenus act like folders and subfolders, offering an organized structure for categorizing your dishes and items. Essentially, this creates a two-tiered hierarchy consisting of menus and submenus. It’s crucial to understand that dishes and items are linked to submenus, but they aren’t relocated to these submenus. This means that if you decide to delete a submenu or menu, the dishes and items will persist within the digital menu and can be reassigned to other submenus when necessary.

Digital Menu Module

The Digital Menu Module in menumiz™ empowers you to efficiently navigate through menus and submenus while easily filtering the items and dishes in each category. Here’s how you can use this feature:

1. Available Menus

This section displays all the menus that are at your disposal.

2. Selected Menu

By clicking on a menu, you can view the submenus contained within it.

3. Submenus Under Selected Menu

Submenus associated with the selected menu are listed here.

4. Add Dish/Item Wizard

Access the wizard to add new dishes or items to your menu.

Each card not only represents the category but also provides a count of the contents within. A menu card shows the number of submenus it contains, while a submenu card displays the count of dishes or items assigned to it.

Configuring Sidelines & Add-Ons Menus and Submenus

You don’t need to create separate menus or submenus for your sideline or add-on items because menumiz™ provides predefined defaults for them. When you’re configuring your digital menu for the first time, you’ll notice a menu called “Sidelines & Add-Ons” accompanied by two submenus: “Sidelines” and “Add-Ons.”

As you start adding sidelines or add-ons using the Dish Wizard, these items will automatically be categorized under the relevant “Sidelines” or “Add-Ons” submenu. This simplifies the process and ensures that you won’t confuse them with your main dishes or items.

The system has already established default sideline and add-ons menus and submenus, offering an organized and user-friendly experience.

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