Are There Any Additional Fees or Charges Beyond the Subscription Cost?

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Are There Any Additional Fees or Charges Beyond the Subscription Cost?

It’s essential to be aware of any potential additional fees or charges beyond your menumiz™ subscription cost. Here’s the costs you most likely have to pay:

Monthly Subscription Plans

menumiz™ offers flexible monthly subscription plans, including Flat Rate and Pay As You Go options. These plans cater to your specific needs and are cost-effective compared to traditional POS systems and You must pay these charges within 7 days of the invoice due date. For hassle-free, automatic recurring payments, you have the option to store a card on file.

Merchant Fees

In addition to the monthly subscription, you may encounter transaction and gateway fees related to menumiz™ Pay. This fees is deducted from your settlements and vary depending on the MDR in your plan.

NOTE: You will also incur similar fees with any third-party payment service provider you use, such as EFTPOS or e-wallets.

NOTE: Using a merchant account may result in situations where you are required to pay for chargebacks issued by card-issuing banks.

Onboarding Fee

If you activate menumiz™ Pay in your business, there might be a one-time onboarding fee to consider, subject to plan and country.

Hardware Requirements

While menumiz™ is versatile and can run on various devices, you may need to invest in hardware like computers or tablets if you have none yet. Alternatively, your staff can use their own mobile devices, potentially saving on hardware expenses. Some subscription plans may include FRE LAN printers, making it cost-effective and straightforward to set up.

NOTE: menumiz™ POS runs on all popular platforms, web or app, and is available on iOS, macOS, Android , Huawei and iMin.

LAN Printers

menumiz™ supports LAN and Bluetooth printers, which are cost-effective and easy to set up. This is especially advantageous compared to other wireless printer technologies, like web print or cloud-based solutions, which often require substantial investments in printer devices and very technical set up.

NOTE: Some subscription plans may include FREE LAN printers provided by menumiz™,

Understanding these fees and costs ensures a smooth financial experience with menumiz™.

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