Do menumiz™ QR Code-Based Orders Send Directly To The Kitchen?

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Do menumiz™ QR Code-Based Orders Send Directly To The Kitchen?

Yes and no!

Default setting

By default menumiz™ is designed to maintain a human element in the order management process. When a customer submits a QR code-based order, it first goes to a “retrieve order” basket, where it awaits confirmation from a member of the waitstaff.

This model allows for practical control over orders. For instance, an item might be out of stock when the waitstaff checks the order for confirmation, or an order might have age restrictions (such as alcohol or tobacco). There’s also the possibility of false orders from individuals who have taken a QR code image home.

By having the waitstaff assess orders before they’re sent to the kitchen, you can prevent potential issues. Additionally, this model helps manage the load on the kitchen. Direct order submission could potentially overload the kitchen with hundreds of orders at once. By manually retrieving and confirming orders, you can better control the kitchen’s workload.

MOAP ( Menumiz Order Auto Placer)

If you want to send orders directly to the kitchen and print dockets as soon as customers place their orders, first enable the load controller in the TSO settings. Then, create a MOAP user in the POS system. Next, install the MOAP app on a mobile device and log in to this utility app. This setup will compensate for the human factor in placing orders to the kitchen and provides you with Auto Order Placement.

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