How Does Pay As You Go Plan Works?

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How Does Pay As You Go Plan Works?

The Pay As You Go plan operates as follows:

  1. Per Order Fee: For each order submitted through the system, a nominal flat rate fee is charged. This may apply to all orders or be subject of whether they are submitted through order at the counter/table side or contactless ordering through mobile devices or tablets, depending on your plan.
  2. Minimum Bill: If the number of orders is too low, a minimum bill will be issued. This is to cover account maintenance costs, such as servers, bandwidth, and security.
  3. Cancelled Orders: It’s important to note that all orders submitted in the system are counted, including those that are cancelled after submission. Therefore, cancelled orders are also billed.
  4. Cap: There might be a limit of maximum number of orders / week depending on your plan.

Please review your plan details carefully to understand the specific charges and conditions.

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