What Happens If The Internet Goes Down At My Business?

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What Happens If The Internet Goes Down At My Business?

menumiz™ is a cloud-based system, which means it relies on an active internet connection to function. In the event of an internet outage:

  1. Mobile Accessibility: menumiz™ is accessible on both mobile phones and desktop computers. If your Wi-Fi connection is down, you can still operate the system using a mobile hotspot or cellular data connection.
  2. Payments: In the absence of an internet connection, EFTPOS terminal may stop working, however, menumiz™ Pay still works if your customers have 4G internet on their mobile.
  3. Temporary Inconvenience: It’s important to note that internet outages are typically temporary. Once the connection is restored, menumiz™ will resume functioning normally.

Doomsday Scenario: In the rare event that the internet goes down on a national scale or extensively, causing all broadband and mobile data carriers to shut down, not only will menumiz™ be affected, but all other services, including banking services, Visa & Mastercard, Uber, etc., will also cease to function. In such a scenario, the most likely operational POS system would be the traditional pen-and-paper cash POS!!

To minimise the impact of internet outages, consider having a backup internet connection, such as a mobile hotspot or a secondary Wi-Fi router, in place.

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