What is E-KYC?

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What is E-KYC?

The E-KYC (Know Your Customer) document is a crucial part of setting up your merchant account in menumiz™ POS. It helps us verify your business and ensure the security of our platform.

Here’s what you need to provide:

  1. Municipal Council License: This is a legal requirement for operating your restaurant. It shows that you comply with local regulations.
  2. Business Registration Certificate: This certificate is a document that verifies your business registration in the company house.
  3. Utility Bill (via Management Bill): This helps confirm the location of your business.
  4. Photo of business place: Clear photos of your restaurant’s outdoor (showing signboard or signage) and indoor help us visually confirm your business existence.
  5. 3 Months Bank Statement: Your bank statement allows us to verify your financial transactions and ensure the financial health of your business.
  6. Copy Identification Card: This is needed to confirm the identity of the business owner or director.
  7. Liquor Licenses (if any): If your restaurant serves alcohol, please provide a copy of your liquor license.
  8. After submitting these documents, you will receive a menumiz™ Pay Reference Code. This code is unique to your business and will be later considered as your sub-merchant ID used for all transactions related to menumiz™ Pay.

NOTE: All these documents are necessary to ensure the smooth operation of your menumiz™ ePOS system and to comply with regulatory requirements. We appreciate your cooperation in providing these documents promptly

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