What is menumiz™ Pay?

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What is menumiz™ Pay?

menumiz™ Pay is an additional service available to foodservice businesses using menumiz™ POS that enables the acceptance of mobile payments directly from customers. These payments are processed using the credit or debit cards that customers have saved in their menumiz™ profiles.

To take advantage of menumiz™ Pay, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure your chosen plan includes support for menumiz™ Pay.
  2. Submit your online merchant application which is available in dashboard.
  3. Once activated by us, your customers are able to pay for thier bills directly from thier mobile.

During the application, you must complete the required E-KYC (Know Your Customer) form carefully.

NOTE: For more comprehensive information of E-KYC, please refer to https://support.menumiz.com/docs/faq/what-is-e-kyc/ .

You may learn more about Menumzi Pay at : https://support.menumiz.com/docs/payment-management/merchant-application/

Once these steps are completed, menumiz™ Pay will be activated, allowing you to receive mobile payments seamlessly.

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