What Type of Printers Are Needed For menumiz™?

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What Type of Printers Are Needed For menumiz™?

menumiz™ theoretically works on any modern LAN or Bluetooth thermal printer having 80mm paper roll. To ensure optimal compatibility and performance with menumiz™, you may review below:

  1. LAN Thermal Printer: Any LAN thermal printer with an 80mm width is suitable for use with menumiz™ as long as the printer is built after 2020.
  2. Tested Models: For smoother experience, consider using a printer model that have been tested with menumiz™ ( The list shows when adding printer)
  3. Other Models: If you opt for a printer model that has not been specifically tested by menumiz™, you can find these under the “Others” category in the printer settings. Be aware that print quality and format may differ with these models or non-English fonts may not be supported by default.
  4. QR Code Printing: It may be beneficial to have a standard inkjet or laser printer available for printing QR codes, if necessary.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your printing setup is well-suited to the menumiz™ platform.

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