Configure and Customize the Collection Screen Settings Based on Your Preferences

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Configure and Customize the Collection Screen Settings Based on Your Preferences

The menumiz™  Collection Screen offers a range of features top enhance order management and streamline the dining experience for both staff and guests. It offers a range of customizable settings and features to enhance your operational efficiency and customer experience.

Display Settings

The display settings allow you to highlight various aspects of the aspects of the order process:

1. Ready item: This feature highlights items that are ready to be served, allowing your staff to quickly identify and serve these orders.

2. Preparing Item: This feature identifies items that are currently being prepared, providing real-time updates on the status of each order.

3. Guest Name: This feature displays the guest’s name with privacy consideration (e.g., John Smith displayed as Jo…mith.)

4. Dark Mode: This feature allows you to switch a darker theme, reducing eye strain for staff members working in low-light conditions.

Serving Type Settings

The serving type settings allow you to manage different types of orders:

5. Dine In: This feature helps manage orders for guests dining within your establishment, ensuring efficient service for in-house customers.

6. Take Away: This feature allows you to efficiently handle orders for takeaway customers, ensuring that these orders are prepared and packaged correctly.

7. Delivery (Australia Only): This feature streamlines the process for delivery orders specific to Australia, helping to ensure timely and accurate deliveries.

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