Kitchen Integration with the Collection Screen

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Kitchen Integration with the Collection Screen

The Kitchen is seamlessly integrated with the Collection Screen, utilizing color-coded indicators for the efficient order management:

1. Red (Ready to Collect)

Orders highlighted in red indicate that the dishes are ready for collection, allowing guests to promptly identify when their food is prepared and awaiting pickup.

2. Green (Served / Collected)

The green colour indicates that the dish has been served or collected. After fulfilment, it transitions to the collection screen, notifying customers that their food is ready for pickup. Once collected, the order number in the collection screen moves to the serving counter history.

3. Yellow (Start Preparing)

Yellow denotes that the dish is in the preparation phase. Orders are assigned by the waitstaff or front kitchen, ensuring clear identification of items being prepared. The collection screen alerts customers when their food is in the preparation phase in the kitchen.

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