Discount Coupon Section: Events Management

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Discount Coupon Section: Events Management

In the menumiz™ system, all your discount coupons and gift card vouchers are organised under specific events for ease of management.

Here’s how you can navigate and manage events:

Access Event Details: Click on the pencil icon (edit) next to an event to view Discount Coupons details on the right hand side.

It’s important to keep the following in mind:

  • Once an event is created, it cannot directly edit. However, you do have the option to activate or deactivate it or download coupon codes if available.
  • If you choose to deactivate an event, the associated coupons will become inactive and won’t be redeemable.

IMPORTANT: Whether your guests are using the guest app or your waitstaff is managing orders through Order Management, they can redeem discount coupons depending on the selected Usage Method, but only one discount voucher or gift card can be used per order. This ensures smooth and controlled discount application.

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