Key Elements in The Discount Coupon Section

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Key Elements in The Discount Coupon Section

These elements help you manage your discount coupons effectively, ensuring that they are distributed and used as intended to boost your business.

Search and Filters


Enables you to search and filter your discount coupons based on specific terms or phrases, making it easier to locate and manage them.

Validity Period

Determines the timeframe during which a discount coupon is active and can be used by customers. It’s crucial for setting the start and end dates and times for the coupon’s availability.


Different physical locations or outlets of your business. You can assign specific discount coupons to branches, allowing you to run location-specific promotions.

Discount Amount (%)

Enables you to specify the percentage of the discount for coupons that offer a percentage-based discount on the total purchase.

Discount Amount ($)

Enables you to specify the of the amount for coupons that offer a fixed monetary discount in a specific currency on the total purchase.

Status (Active/Deactivated)

Indicates whether the discount coupon it is currently active and available for use by customers (Active) or temporarily disabled (Deactivated).

Event Name

Refers to the specific name given to a coupon to track its usage and effectiveness. This name is often associated with a particular promotion, occasion, or event for which the discount coupon is applicable.

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