Loyalty Schemes

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Loyalty Schemes

menumiz supports four models of Loyalty schemes all within its QR code ordering to give a motivation to customers to use the QR ordering while making it easier for the businesses to focus on more direct marketing. Available loyalty schemes are as below:

  • Bill history (Applying Discount based on previous spending amount in the past)
  • Bill amount (Applying discount based on a minimum spending amount)
  • Visit history (Applying discount based on number of the visits in the past)
  • Free item (Order some specific items to get some free items)

NOTE: The first three models rely on existing discount coupons to function. Therefore, you need to create discounts first (QR-code order based discounts) before adding the loyalty program.

Make sure the validity of the discount coupon is longer than the period of the loyalty campaign.

Step By step guide

Step 1: Create related discount coupons you want to apply in the loyalty program

Step 2 : Go to loyalty module and click add , give it a name and determine the validity period

Step 3: Select the loyalty model

Step 4: Based on your selected model, you must fill up a form, if this is Bill history, Bill amount or visit history , you would need to select an available discount campaign from the menu to apply in the loyalty.

In this scheme, the “Hello 10” discount (e.g., 10% off) will apply to dine-in orders if the customer has spent a total of $300 in the last 90 days at this business.
In this schme, if customer orders 2 teriyaki Salmon Bowls, then they will get a free coke.

IMPORTANT: Items under the FREE model scheme are all main dishes. Add-ons or side dishes cannot be assigned here. If you need a side dish or add-on to be used here, you must recreate them as main dishes (duplicate).

Loyalty schemes are displayed to customers on QR code orders

NOTE: Any loyalty model relying on past data, such as the number of visits or total spending, is available only to registered menumiz™ diners (customers who register with the menumiz™ guest app).

NOTE: Loyalty schemes are not offered to TSO (cashier or tableside order).

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