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POS dashbaord

Your landing page is your central hub within the menumiz™ system and serves as your dashboard for easy navigation. Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll find on this page:

Each item below is linked to its respective section page, indicated by section numbers:

  1. Home: The central hub where you can access all menumiz™ features and functions. (https://support.menumiz.com/docs/menumiz-pos-application/dashboard-home-your-central-hub-for-menumiz-features/)
  2. My Account: Access your public menumiz™ page here, view and manage your business profile, update your user profile, manage other users, handle menumiz™ subscription billing, and oversee your menumiz™ account. (https://support.menumiz.com/docs/menumiz-pos-application/my-account/)
  3. Configurations: Access business settings, set working hours, configure QR codes, and manage printers in this section.
  4. Management: Here, you can manage tips, generate discount coupons, and create gift card vouchers.
  5. Printer: Information on setting up and managing printers for order processing and receipt printing.
  6. Order Management: Handle TSO (Table Side Order) orders, retrieve QR code-based orders, and manage payments at the counter. You can also set up printers from this section, access order history, initiate refunds, and activate public holiday settings within TSO.
  7. Digital Menu Setup: Efficient access to your digital menu management.
  8. Reports: Get quick access to reports.
  9. Reviews: Manage and respond to reviews and ratings related to your business or menu in this module.
  10. Payment Management: Manage various payment methods and processing transactions.
  11. Floor Management (coming soon): Stay tuned for this upcoming feature.
  12. Kitchen Display System (KDS) (coming soon): Stay tuned for this upcoming feature.
  13. Serving Counter (coming soon): Stay tuned for this upcoming feature.
  14. Inventory (coming soon): Upcoming stock and ingredient tracking.
  15. Integrations: Manage accounting integration(S)
  16. Helps: Find helpful resources and support.
  17. Notification Bar: Stay informed with important notices and updates.
  18. User Management: Manage platform users.
  19. Digital Menu Setup (shortcut): Efficient access to your digital menu management, creating and customising menus for your business.
  20. Order Management (shortcut): Swiftly manage table-side orders.
  21. Tip Management: Handle tips with ease.
  22. Reports (Shortcut): Get quick access to reports.
  23. Discount Coupons: Efficiently manage discount coupons.
  24. Guest App: Information on how customers can access and use the menumiz™ Guest App to browse menus, place orders, and make payments.
  25. Kitchen: Stay tuned for this upcoming feature.
  26. Account Signed In: Currently logged in profile.
  27. Notification bell: Alerts and notices.
  28. Log Out: Safely log out of your account when you’re done.
  29. Ticket: A support ticket is to records interactions between a customer and menumiz™ team. When a customer submits a query, a ticket is created and shared between the customer and the menumiz™ rep. The ticket logs their communication on a thread that can be used as a reference by each party.

Navigating through these sections will help you make the most of the menumiz™ system and streamline your business management tasks.


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