Sales Categories & Account Balances

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Sales Categories & Account Balances

Sales Categories (PMIX)

This segment of your reports is your window into the intricate financial details of your business. It provides a comprehensive breakdown of your sales data, shedding light on what drives your revenue.

Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Item Sales: You’ll find a comprehensive list of the menu items that were sold within your chosen time frame. This data reveals customer preferences and the popularity of specific dishes.
  2. Quantity: For a deeper perspective, you can access the quantity of each item sold. This breakdown is useful for understanding which items are in high demand.
  3. Amount: The financial aspect of the “Sales Categories” shows the total revenue generated from the sale of each menu item. This data helps you identify the most profitable dishes in your menu.

Account Balances (Including TIP)

Managing the balances related to different payment methods is crucial for smooth business operations. This part of your report provides detailed information on the financial instruments used for transactions.

Here’s what it covers:

  1. Card: This section displays the total value of payments made through credit/debit card transactions at ther counter (EFTPOS) . Menumiz allows you to track card payments usage in your business.
  2. Cash: The “Cash” category reveals the total value of cash payments received. It’s an essential component for restaurants that handle cash transactions.
  3. E-wallet: Digital wallets are increasingly popular for payments. This part of the report shows the total value of payments made using digital wallets, offering insights into this payment method’s prevalence.
  4. Menumiz™ Pay : Menumiz™ Pay introduces a distinctive approach to payment processing, integrating the concept of OTFPOS (Online Fund Transfer at Point of Sales). This section of the reports presents the total value of transactions conducted using this payment method (Menumiz Pay solution is not enabled by default for your bsuiness, you must apply for this service)

NOTE: For more comprehensive information, please refer to

NOTE: The values in this reports show only the received money (Including Tips) before any deduction of bank fees, transaction fees or gateway fees.

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