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menumiz™ X-Z Reports

menumiz™ provide you with a robust arsenal of X-Z reports, enabling you to delve deep into your business’s financial dynamics. These reports serve as invaluable tools for gaining a comprehensive understanding of your business operations, empowers you to gain insights and make informed decisions to enhance your operations.

Let’s explore the specific purposes of these reports and the precise steps for making the most of this functionality:

  1. Gross Sales (Tip Exclusive): This figure represents your total sales revenue, exclusive of tips.
  2. Net Sales (RM): Net sales represent your total sales revenue after accounting for various deductions, such as discounts, refunds, and taxes.
  3. Cost of Goods Sold (RM): This section outlines the cost associated with the items sold, helping you understand your profit margins.
  4. Refunds (RM): This shows the total amount of refunds processed during the reporting period.
  5. Discount (RM): The discount section provides insights into the value of discounts applied to orders.
  6. Current Taxes (RM): This figure displays the total amount of taxes collected during the reporting period.
  7. Service Charges (RM): Service charges, if applicable, are presented here.
  8. Surcharge (RM): This section outlines any surcharges that were applied during the reporting period.
  9. Tips (RM): This category shows the total tips received.
  10. Cash Adjustment (RM): Cash adjustments represent any discrepancies or corrections in cash transactions.
  11. Orders: This details the number of orders processed during the reporting period.
  12. Total Customers: The total number of customers served during the reporting period.

X Report

This report offers you a real-time snapshot of your restaurant’s financial status at any given moment, or for a particular shift. It provides essential metrics including gross and net sales, cost of goods sold, refunds, discounts, taxes, service charges, surcharges, tips, cash adjustments, order statistics, and customer counts.

Z Report

This report is generated at the close of a business day or shift, offering a more detailed view of your restaurant’s performance. In addition to the X Report’s insights, it provides the starting and ending times of the shift.

Full Report

For an in-depth analysis, the Full Report is your tool of choice. It allows you to refine your data according to your specific needs, such as date range, table numbers, and staff IDs.


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