Onboarding Process

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Onboarding Process

The onboarding process at menumiz™ is designed to ensure a smooth transition for new customers to the platform. It involves guiding customers through the various features and functionalities of the menumiz™ platform, ensuring they understand how to effectively use the system to streamline their business operations.

The onboarding process typically involves the following steps:

1. Introduction to menumiz™

New customers are introduced to the menumiz™ platform, its features, and functionalities. This includes an overview of the business management and ePOS system, the digital menu, and the self-service ordering system.

2. Training Sessions

menumiz™ conducts virtual or on-site training sessions for clients. These sessions are designed to provide a hands-on experience with the platform, allowing customers to familiarise themselves with the system and learn how to use it effectively.

3. Technical Setup

As part of the onboarding process, customers are guided through the technical setup required to use menumiz™. This includes understanding the web browser requirements and optimal settings for a seamless user experience.

4. Customer Support

menumiz™ provides ongoing customer support to assist with any issues or queries that may arise during the onboarding process. This ensures that customers have the necessary support to successfully transition to the menumiz™ platform.


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