Business Info


Business Info

To create or update your business profile, follow these steps, and provide the necessary information:

  1. Upload Your Logo: Click here to upload your business logo. Ensure it’s in JPEG or PNG format, sized 1X1, and does not exceed 1 MB.
  2. Company Legal Name: Enter your company’s legal name as per its registration.
  3. Business Name or Trademark: Enter your business name or trademark that you want to display.
  4. Business Registration Number: If you wish to apply for menumiz™ Pay merchant services, you’ll need to provide your business registration number.
  5. Business Description (Optional): Feel free to share a brief paragraph about your business. This is optional but can help customers get to know you better.
  6. “Bring Your Own Drink” Option: Check this box if you offer a “Bring Your Own Drink” policy. (BYO will be added to the logo.)
  7. Alcohol Service: Check this box if you serve alcohol at your restaurant.
  8. Tobacco Offered: Check this box if you offer tobacco products.

NOTE: The above information is public and will be shared on your menumiz page.

NOTE: If this plan is for a Food Truck, the information required on this page will differ. Instead of a business address, we’ll need the Registered Address (which will not be displayed to the public). Additionally, we will collect information about your vehicle and your Food Truck license.

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