Network Connection & Devices

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Network Connection & Devices

Optimizing network performance and device configuration for your business is crucial, and the setup may vary based on your establishment’s layout and size. To ensure your network meets your specific needs, it’s wise to consult with our network specialist or IT professional.

Whether your venue is compact or spacious, we’re here to assist you in planning, installing, and maintaining your network infrastructure. This support is essential to ensure the efficient operation of your business.

Key components to consider for network optimization, include:

  • Internet Router (WIFI)
  • Thermal Printers (LAN)
  • Switches, Splitters , Repeaters or Access Points

Size of EstablishmentDevicesPrinter
Less Than 500 sqft (Recommended)1 Router1 or 2 (Kitchen & Front of House)
More Than 500 sqft (Recommended)1 Router + 1 SplitterMultiples (for different restaurant areas)
Network Connection & Devices

NOTE: Consult a network specialist for an optimized setup tailored to your needs. The above recommendations are for reference, and your specific setup may vary based on unique requirements.

TIP: A wireless (WIFI) enabled router may be a better option always.

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