Supported Hardware

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Supported Hardware

Hardware Agnosticism and Device Compatibility

menumiz™ ePOS is a hardware-agnostic platform, meaning it is designed to work seamlessly across all major devices and operating systems for maximum flexibility, making it easily accessible on:

  1. iOS App Store (Apple)
  2. Mac OS App Store
  3. Google Play Stroe
  4. Huawei App Gallery
  5. iMin App Store
  6. Microsoft Store
  7. Azure Market Place (coming soon)

NOTE: Menumiz comes with three different apps as follows:

menumiz POS : This app used by businesses as POS system on Cloud

MOAP: (menumiz order auto placement) This is a utility app to facilitate docket printers in automated order placement model. (Not all plans support such)

menumiz : This is the app designed for your customers (guests) to order and pay

Device Choice and Accessibility

While some hardware may be necessary (like a computer or tablet), your team has the flexibility to utilize their own mobile devices, reducing overall hardware expenses. It’s worth noting that menumiz™ is hardware-agnostic and is compatible with any iOS, PC, or Android device, provided it meets reasonable age and compatibility standards, and is connected to a stable internet network.

NOTE: LAN printers may be required, some plans come with 1 or 2 Free Printers.

menumiz™ offers the convenience of printing directly from mobile devices or iPads via WIFI or Bluetooth. This approach not only saves significantly on printer costs but also eliminates the need for expensive wireless printer technologies like web print or cloud printing. LAN printers, known for their affordability and easy setup, ensure a cost-effective and efficient printing solution for your business.

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