System Requirements

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System Requirements

What are the requirements to run menumiz™ in my restaurant?

menumiz™ is a web-application platform and all records remain on the cloud. Hence, to use the system, you really won’t need any special hardware as long as you could open the Internet browser (Chrome) on a PC, laptop or tablet or a smartphone or use menumiz POS app on a compatible device. The number of these devices depends on you and the restaurant size and the workload.

menumiz™ POS app is avialble in all platforms including iOS, MacOS , Google Play, Huawei, iMin and Windows store.

NOTE: Printing function does not work on web browser, you need to use menumiz POS app to print.

Recommended by us:

   Our recommendations for a stable and functional system are as follow:

1- Uninterrupted high-speed internet (at least 20mbps for a small size business and up to 50mbps or higher for a very big and busy restaurant– WIFI or wired network)

2- Available 3G , 4G or 5G mobile networks* for the customers to use Menumiz. However, they can use the respective restaurant’s free WIFI if they wish to do so.

* If your restaurant is in a location not covered by some mobile service providers, then you may choose to install a signal booster.

3- At least one PC or Laptop (Windows 10 or higher/Mac), or an android tablet or an iPad for a small business*. We recommend touchscreen LCD monitors and at least one tablet available in the restaurant for getting table-side orders from customers who may prefer physical menu or do not use Android or iOS phones.

NOTE: menumiz does not support touch screen Windows-based devices.

NOTE: menumiz does not support old devices, old OS, USB printers.

* In a big restaurant having many sections in the kitchen, you need more devices.


Please check the working temperature of the tablet or the LCD monitor stated by its manufacturer before using it in a hot kitchen. Also, you may need to mount them on the wall and have them always being charged.

4- You need to have EFPOS terminal from your bank or menumiz partners to process card payments in case “Menumiz Pay” is not the customer’s choice or not available in your menumiz™ plan.

5- You will need a normal printer to print QR codes. (color printing preferred)

6- You will need  80mm thermal printer (LAN ) compatible with  ESC/POS protocol should you wish to issue paper bills or paper dockets for the kitchen.

NOTE: Receipt or docket Printing is supported from Menumiz POS apps ( Android – iOS, Huawei, Windows, iMin ).Browser doesn’t support printing.

7- You will need an RJ11 compatible cash drawer should you prefer to use Menumiz cash management system.

Recommended Hardware

  • iPad ( latest gen)
  • iPad Mini (latest gen)
  • iMin Swan Pro
  • iMin Falcon
  • Samsung tablets
  • Lenovo M9
  • Lenovo P12
  • Macbook

We recommend at least 4GB of RAM and an octa-core processor with HD display for a fast and smooth POS experience.

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